Chicago – Catholic Cemeteries

Almost 2 million Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago cemetery records new on @FamilySearch : Illinois, Archdiocese of Chicago, Cemetery Records, 1864-1989 Description Index and images of miscellaneous records of cemeteries under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Chicago [Illinois]. The majority of the collection is comprised of burial index cards. A small percentage of the… Continue reading Chicago – Catholic Cemeteries

Making Irish Surnames

Making Irish surnames English – In 1518 the authorities of Galway decreed “neither O’ nor Mac shall strut and swagger through the streets of the city”. The names of the native Irish male population all names began with O’ or Mac meaning “grandson of” or “son of” followed by the personal name of the ancestor.… Continue reading Making Irish Surnames

Finding Irish in Ohio

Finding Irish in Ohio, by Joe Buggy Traveling by ship to Canada and then making their way to the U.S. Midwest via the Great Lakes is an often overlooked route that countless Irish emigrants took to that part of the country. One of the states that benefited from this migration was Ohio (OH). . .… Continue reading Finding Irish in Ohio

Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland

Irish Catholic Parish Registers, 1740s-1880s Are Now Free Online!!→ Navan, the county town, is in pleasant undulating country at the meeting of the Boyne and Black-water Rivers, with a recently developed industry deriving from mineral deposits. Navan is now one of the major centres for furniture manufacture in the country. Boyne Valley in County… Continue reading Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland


CONSANGUINITY – The relation subsisting among all the different persons descending from the same stock or common ancestor. Some portion of the blood of the common ancestor flows through the veins of all his descendants, and though mixed with the blood flowing from many other families, yet it constitutes the kindred or alliance by blood… Continue reading Consanguinity

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