Matheny Family Crest

The surname Matheny was first found in Champagne, where the family has been a prominent family for centuries, and held a family seat with lands and manor. The family were well established in the region of Ardennes/Marne and several members of the family distinguished themselves through their contributions toward the community in which they lived… Continue reading Matheny Family Crest

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Elizabeth Gill

My 2nd great grandmother. . . Sharing from an old family history file I saved twenty years ago. Descendant Chart -Elizabeth GILL b. 1825 s-Ansel MATHENY b. 1829 m. 6 Nov 1849 d. 1872 |-Eliza C. MATHENY b. 1850 d. 1881 | s-Jason T. Scott UZZLE b. 1847 m. 26 Dec 1870 d. 1880 |… Continue reading Elizabeth Gill

Roland Gooch Tyson

Descendants of Roland Gooch Tyson Generation 3 1. ROLAND GOOCH3 TYSON1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (William2, Ezekiel1) was born on February 20, 18649 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. He died on February 18, 1943 in Mortons Gap, Hopkins County, Kentucky (Greene Cemetery, Graham, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky9, 10). He married Della Cash, daughter of… Continue reading Roland Gooch Tyson

Anne Mariah Loney

Descendants of Anne Mariah Loney Generation 2 1. ANNE MARIAH2 LONEY1, 2, 3 was born on August 22, 1858 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. She died on October 15, 1895 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky (Mercer Cemetery, Earles, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky4). She married William Eli Matheny, son of Ansel Matheny and Elizabeth Gill on October 19, 1882… Continue reading Anne Mariah Loney

Gala Leora Matheny

January 10 – 1917 On this day I’m Here at Home just little Hallie and myself and am so lonely I pray that There is a brighter future for The past yr. my Troubles Have Been so great I couldn’t Hardly Endure Them. But by The Help of the Lord I’m Trying to be Happy.… Continue reading Gala Leora Matheny

Sarah Mercer Oates & Gala

A History of Muhlenberg Countyby Otto Arthur Rothert X, The Pond River Country 7. The first wife of Major Jesse Oates was, according to a vague family tradition, a Miss Caraway, sister of a Captain John Caraway. His second wife was Zilpah Mason, to whom he was married April 13, 1798, and who died October… Continue reading Sarah Mercer Oates & Gala

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William Eli Matheny

On Oct 24, 1884, Eli purchased his home place, 50 Acres from Reason Cash, for $150.00. In 1907 he purchased another 60 acres. This land was located near Pond River. Descendants of William Eli Matheny Generation 2 1. WILLIAM ELI2 MATHENY1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Ansel1) was born on February 22, 1859 in Christian… Continue reading William Eli Matheny