Cab Calloway. . .

Koko the clown (a rotoscoped Cab Calloway) performing the song, St. James Infirmary Blues, in the 1933 Betty Boop animation Snow White. ♥ In memory of my dad…

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Pygmalion (1938)

“I’m Henry Higgins, author of Higgins’ Universal Alphabet.”

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Make Mine Freedom

“This is one of a series of films produced by the Extension Department of Harding Collage to create a deeper understanding of what has made America the finest place in the world to live.” —1946 (Anti Communist Propaganda)

Kentucky Abandoned

In Search of Kentucky Abandoned In this episode, the “Kentucky Life” crew searches for “Abandoned Kentucky.” In Muhlenberg County, the ruins of an 1850′s iron furnace are all that remain of Old Airdrie; the town of Beauty, in Martin County, stands on the site of what once was the Hungarian community of Himlerville; photographer Sherman… Continue reading Kentucky Abandoned