Mrs. Madison’s Ginger…

Dolly Madison’s recipe for Gingerbread with Powered Sugar. —The Kansas City Times, 2 Apr 1958, Wed, Page 55 George Washington’s recipe for Virginia-style eggnog. —The San Bernardino County Sun, 12 Dec 1983, Mon, Page 17

Ulysses S. Grant

President Grant insisted on serving rice pudding… —The Daily Journal Vineland, New Jersey, 10 Feb 2010, Wed, Page 12

John Tyler’s Pudding Pie

John Tyler’s Pudding Pie. —Ukiah Daily Journal, 09 Feb 1997, Tue, Page 6 When was instant pudding invented? In 1927 Chocolate Jell-O was introduced and discontinued in 1927. Chocolate returned to the Jell-O lineup in 1937 as an instant pudding made with milk. It proved enormously popular, and over time other pudding flavors were added… Continue reading John Tyler’s Pudding Pie